Comet News · Girls Basketball 11.24.20 Update

We have returned to a “Phase 1” implementation of sports in our district. This means that the girls will
be working in Pods of 10 or less with a coach up until December 9. Upon that date, this restriction will be re-evaluated. Again, it is imperative that our players wear masks in and out of the building, stay out of the locker-rooms, limit bathroom usage, bring their own water bottles, and go straight home. Pods will not be practicing together in order to limit contact and will practice three days a week in hour increments. While this situation is not ideal, it is highly advised by our administration in order to keep our girls and staff safe, and then also ensure that if a case were to spread, we can contact trace it much easier and again, limit exposure.
Not only will our practices be impacted during this time, but also games and contests. The OCC, our conference and also our Buckeye Division, has suspended games until December 18. Upon December 17, these restrictions will again be revisited per the CDC and Franklin County Board of Health, and we will go from there. Games in our conference have been rescheduled, please refer to the full parent/guardian letter, groups of Pods, and basketball calendar posted on Google Classroom (code rkodzqg)
Coach Ann Tiefenthaler, Coach Christen Nohra, Coach Jack O’Brien